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No hotel space left for a city-wide event? Trying to bring a major event to your port-city?  When you need additional housing for a global event in a port city, using a cruise ship as a “floating hotel” is an elegant solution.

Advantages of a Dockside Ship CharterBUKTRV6

Chartered ships can cruise into any port and then sail away after your event. No port facilities? No problem! We’ve built temporary terminals for Super Bowl in Jacksonville, FL and can do the same for you. You’ll have greater security than with a hotel, freedom to customize the ship, and a self-contained environment with a variety of dining and entertainment facilities.

Best Cruise Charter was the invisible force that brought it all together.”
— National Secretariat for the Fifth Summit of the Americas, Port of Spain, Trinidad

Dockside Charters are Best Cruise Charter’s Specialty

People are excited to stay on a cruise ship instead of a hotel; however, planning a dockside charter requires a different kind of planning and logistics – and a special level of expertise. At Best Cruise Charter, we’ve chartered cruise ships for city-wide conventions, governmental conferences, international sporting events – even disaster relief efforts.

Converting a cruise ship into a “floating hotel” is our specialty; we hold the record for managing more dockside charters than any other company, including five ships for the Jacksonville Super Bowl 2005, World Cup Cricket in the Caribbean 2007, Summit of the Americas in Trinidad 2009, and RIO 2016 Olympics.

Save Time & Money, Gain Peace of Mind

During the Fifth Summit of the Americas in Trinidad, Landry & Kling chartered 2 cruise ships for supplemental housing adjacent to the Hyatt Hotel. | Landry & Kling Dockside Charters

Put our experience to work for you! As the world’s leading ship charter specialists, we’ll remove the unknowns, give you impartial advice and offer solutions to enhance your investment. Our goal is to minimize the pitfalls and set the stage for your success.

No one has negotiated a wider variety of charter contracts than Best Cruise Charter, and our long-term relationships with cruise lines and suppliers in worldwide ports of call will help us get the results you want. We can assist you with:

  • Feasibility of port access: draft, berthing, height limitations
  • Impartial ship comparisons and advice
  • Quick quotes and responsive teamwork
  • Budget considerations and techniques to manage onboard revenue
  • Experienced contract negotiations for dockside charters
  • Hospitality planning and event logistics
  • Port logistics, parking
  • Media and visitor credentials and access
  • Liaison with security and local government
  • Ship savvy staff for onsite execution
  • Financial reporting and wrap-up
  • Variety of other services as required.

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