Theme & Special Interest Cruises

header-partyEvent planners have discovered there’s no better venue that a cruise ship to bring like-minded people together for a theme, special interest, fundraiser or affinity event.

Whether it’s a cruise for music fans, foodies, craft lovers or movie buffs, people have the unique chance to mingle with their favorite performers or celebrities while meeting others who share the same passion in a self-contained environment.

Besides the excitement of cruising with others who share the same interest and having the opportunity to meet special guests, your group will also enjoy all the complimentary cruise ship amenities, including meals, entertainment, and recreational facilities.

Consider a Ship Charter for Privacy and Customization

Sydney_CruisesSpecial interest cruises (typically ship charters) are especially popular with organizations who want to build brand awareness. You can market your products or launch new services with an already-established audience of fans, deepen client relationships, or grow brand awareness with new customers.If your group size and budget permits, a full-ship charter affords complete privacy and is the best way to customize the entire shipboard program to create a unique experience for the group. You are free to utilize the entire shiip for classes, lectures, concerts and parties. Even the itinerary and port times can be adjusted just for your theme event.

How We Can Help – Best Cruise Charter Event Services

Best Cruise Charter has several decades of experience planning all types of  successful theme and special interest cruises. We offer a wide range of services, including ship selection, contract negotiations, planning and operational support, and customized website and online registration services.

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